• Macchine utensili e utensileria a Firenze
Max. turning. dia.∅42 mm
Standard turning. dia.∅36 mm
Max. turning length per chuck (Bush)320 mm
Max. turning length per chuck (Bushless)110 mm
Axis specifications
X1-axis travel220 mm
Z1-axis travel460 mm (Without guide bush)/320 mm (Guide bush)
Y1-axis travel620 mm
X1/Y1/Z1-axis motor1.3 kW/1.3 kW/0.85 kW
X1/Y1/Z1-axis rapid travel speed30 m/min
X2/Y2/Z2-axis travel380/130/460 mm
X2/Y2/Z2-axis motor0.85 kW/0.75 kW/0.85 kW
X2/Y2/Z2-axis rapid travel speed30/5/30 m/min
Min. input unit0.001 mm
Max. bar feeding dia.∅42 mm
Max. speed of spindle6000 rpm
Center height1100 mm
Spindle bore∅43 mm
Spindle colletTRB-42
No. of O.D. tools6
O.D. tool size□16 mm*5 / □20 mm*1
No. of I.D. tools5
I.D. tool size∅25 mm
Spindle motor7.5 kW
C-axis Index positioning0.001
Spindle live tooling
No. of radial live tooling6
Radial live tooling sizeER-20
Radial live tooling motor1.5 kW
Max. speed of radial live tooling6000 rpm
No. of axial live tooling3
Axial live tooling sizeER-20
Axial live tooling motor0.75 kW
Max. speed of axial live tooling6000 rpm
Sub Spindle
Max. bar feeding dia.∅36 mm (Op:∅42 mm)
Max. speed of sub spindle6000 rpm
Sub spindle motor4.4 kW
Sub spindle bore∅37 mm (Op:∅43 mm)
Sub spindle colletTRB-36 (Op:TRB-42)
I.D. tool size∅25 mm
C-axis index positioning0.001
Sub spindle live tooling
No. of axial live tools8
Axial live tooling motor3.0 kW
Max. speed of axial live tooling6000 rpm
Axial live tooling sizeER-20
Hydraulic unit
Hydraulic pump1 HP/0.75 kW
Coolant Pump
Main & Sub spindle upper flush pump1 HP/0.75 kW
Tool coolant pump1 HP/0.75 kW
Tank capacity
Hydraulic tank46 L
Coolant tank240 L
Power220 V/35 kVA
Machine size(LxWxH) (includes chip conveyor)3649 x 1803 x 1977 mm

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