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Tornio a fantina mobile con ASSE-B INTERPOLATO passaggio barra

 diam. 20 mm. 6 assi lineari 1 asse B 2 asse C di rotazione 

G-207 Tool capacity

No. of tool positions31
Max. No. of mountable tools35
OD tool (T04 – T08, T21 – T23)8
Face fixed ID tool (T15 – T19)4
Face deep-hole drilling tool (T91 – T92)2
Back fixed ID tool (T35 – T38, T45 – T29)4 (OP.:8)
Left cross live tool (T01 – T03)3
Right cross live tool (T11 & T13)3 (B-axis)
Face live tool (T11 & T13)3 (B-axis)
Back live tool (T31 – T34, T11 & T13)4+3 (B-axis)

Machine specification

45 mm (Guide bushing-less )
Machining capacityMain spindleBar stock diameterø3 ~20 mm
Max. machining length210 mm ( Motor direct - drive guide bushing)
250 mm ( Fixed type guide bushing)
80 mm ( Mechanical-drive guide bushing )
45 mm (Guide bushing-less )
Drillingø10 mm
Deep hole drillingø8 mm
Back spindleMax. work chucking diameterø20 mm
Drillingø8 mm
Live tool spindleDrilling / tapping (Left cross tool)ø6 mm / M5
Drilling / tapping (Right cross tool)ø6 mm / M5
Drilling / tapping (Back tool)ø6 mm / M5
Max. slitting saw / slotting cutter dia.ø30 mm (T01)
SpeedMain spindle200 ~12,000 min-1
Back spindle200 ~12,000 min-1
Rotary guide bushing200 ~12,000 min-1 ( Motor direct - drive) 200 ~8,000 min-1 ( Mechanical-drive )
Tool spindle200 ~8,000 min-1 (B-axis 5,000 min-1)
Controllable axes(including Cs axes)9 axes
Rapid traverse (m/min)30m/min (X : 24m/min)
OD tool shank12 × 12 × 100 mm
Tool positions / Max. mountable tools31/35
MotorsMain spindle2.2 / 3.7 KW( Cont. / 15 min )
Back spindle1.5 / 2.2 KW( Cont. / 5 minutes)
Tool spindleLeft cross tool0.75 KW
Right cross tool0.75 KW
Back tool1.0 KW
Rotary guide bushing0.75 / 1.1 KW( Cont. / 15min)
X1.X2.Z1.Z2.Y2 axes0.5 KW
Y1 axis0.75 KW
B axis0.5 KW
Coolant pump0.75 KW
Lubricating pump0.011 KW
Axis travelX1124 mm
Y1280 mm
Z1 ( Fixed guide bushing )290 mm
X2340 mm
Y260 mm
Z2300 mm
Power, etcWeight3,700 Kg
Power source requirement14.3 KVA
Compressed air requirement≧ 4 Kg / cm2
Air consumption40 NL / min
Width × depth × height2,300 × 1,400 × 2,000 mm

Standard Accessories

Main spindle sleeve (for round bar machining)
Back spindle sleeve (for round bar machining)
Door interlock(Tooling zone side door / Main spindle side door )
Coolant pressure switch
Spindle cooling unit
Standard tools
Transit clamps
Automatic power shut-off
Back spindle air purge
Cross live drill air purge
Coolant pump(1HP)
Internal work light
Manual pulse generator
3-tiered warning lamp set
Work catcher
Work conveyor
Bar feeder interface
RS232 interface
Fixed guide bushing
Motor direct-drive rotary guide bushing
Guide bushing-less kit
Main spindle brake (0.001° increments)
Back spindle brake (0.001° increments)
Cross tool spindle
Back tool spindle
Front & rear discharge from back spindle

Optional Accessories

Guide bushing systemMechanical-drive rotary guide bushing
Options for spindle indexingMain spindle pin-locking device ( 15° increments)
Back spindle pin-locking device ( 15° increments)
Options for back live tools (T31 ~ 34)Back OD tool holder
Back deep hole drilling tool holder
Back cross tool spindle
Adaptor for fixed tool
High pressure coolant system70 bar
40 bar
Oil mist collector
Chip conveyor and chips cart
Main spindle sleeve( for non-rounded bar machining )(Mechanical-drive guide bushing)
Main spindle sleeve (for non-rounded bar machining) (Guide bushing-less type)
Back spindle sleeve (for non-rounded bar machining)
AR16 drill collet holders for fixed ID tool postDrill collet holder (ø22-shank, for T15~19, 45~49)
Double-face drill collet holder (ø22-shank ,for T15~19, 45~49)
Adjustable double-face drill collet holder(ø22-shank , for T15~19, 45~49)
ER16 Drill collet holder (ø20- shank , for T35~38, 91, 92 )
Floating tap ER16 collet holder (ø20/22-shank)
Safety and others
Bar feeder
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